Contribution Guidelines

Our contribution guidelines are updated time-to-time, so please make sure to check back here periodically.

Avoid Plagiarism

  • Cite – make sure to cite your sources
  • Copy-pasting – it’s best to paraphrase when necessary and avoid using someone else’s work word-for-word unless it is a quote
  • Images – do not use images you do not have the rights to and if a stock image is needed contact the editor
  • Self-content – never reuse content you may have from older blog articles and do not use the content you produce here for future articles (it’s a big hit to the site and will be categorized as scraped content)


  • Word count – create content that ranges between 600 and 1200 words (longer articles are excepted as long as they still contain value to the reader)
  • Grammar – ensure your article is grammatically correct
  • Self-promotion – do not promote yourself or your company (ex: promoting products, positions, or anything else that is not educational)
  • Professionalism – maintain a friendly tone, but avoid cursing
  • Buzzwords – don’t assume readers understand them and instead avoid them or explain them
  • Links – only link to content that provides value to the reader and select the option to have the link open in a new window
  • Imagery – include images that enhance the content and ones that are not pixelated (do not use copyrighted images that you do not have rights to use and if you own the copyright then grant us permission for its usage) 
  • Featured image – provide a featured image that will be displayed for the article (do not use copyrighted images that you do not have rights to use and if you own the copyright then grant us permission for its usage) 
  • Citing – make sure to cite any sources that the article uses
  • Fact checking – make sure that your content is correct to the best of your knowledge
  • Reference – when possible reference other articles that the user may also find value in reading

Product Reviews

  • Know the product – make sure to spend time researching and learning the product to give an accurate review
  • Use the product – incorporate the product into your usual workflows
  • Biases – if you cannot review a product objectively, then do not review the product
  • Be balanced – focus on the good and the bad of each product
  • Compare – try to compare the product to similar or competing products, but only if you know the other product well enough to do a similar review
  • Audience – engage the audience by covering topics such as ease of use, quality, price, pros, cons, and features


Filling out your contributor profile will allow users to understand who you are and build trust. All authors must upload an appropriate profile picture, enter a first and last name, include a short biography, and include any preferred social media links. Your nickname should be set to your firstname_lastname (ex: steven_meyer).

Submitting Articles / Product Reviews

All articles and product reviews will be reviewed by the editor prior to release. This process happens once an article or product review is put into the review cycle.

Submitting an article or product review does not guarantee that it will be published. Velocicore, LLC, reserves the right to reject and not publish content.

Velocicore, LLC, is not the employer of the blog writer, and the blog writer is not and will not be treated as an employee of Velocicore, LLC, for federal tax purposes, or any other purposes.