Want to quickly boost your design system effort? In this video you’ll see how to take advantage of Google’s Material design system. We’ll cover how to create a theme using the Google Material Sketch plugin, design a mobile application, upload it to Google Gallery for commenting and specs, and then have development utilize Material Design Components for Web (MDC-Web).

This approach may not be for everyone, but if you want to get to value quickly in a highly customizable way, then creating a custom Material theme can get you there.

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Steven Meyer is a design leader at Keap where he oversees a team of product designers working to help small businesses succeed. Steven has history of leading large-scale efforts such as overseeing the creation of one of the largest design systems in the automotive industry. Steven’s experience has spanned through leading Marines, creating his own startup, working for a venture-backed startup, designing and developing at a Fortune 500 company, and more. Steven has worked for large brands such as O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pearson Education, and CDK Global. Steven holds an M.S. in Technology from ASU and a graduate certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford University.