You’ve read all about design sprints and you’re ready to hit the ground running. However, there are a few key things that you need to make sure it’s a success. You need the right people, you need an appropriate space, and you definitely need the right tools.

While working at CDK Global I wanted my team to have easy access to the tools they needed to properly run design sprints. This simple set of tools also became the base set for any workshop we planned on running whether it was a few hours, or if it was a design sprint spanning across 5 days. We ended up building two “sprint boxes” that were something designers could just grab and go with.

So, what was the simple set of tools that we included? Some of this stuff you may have laying around the office already, so make sure to snag it up. Each box contained:

(1) Plastic bin – used for storing everything

(1) Pack of 3×3 post-its – used for HMW notes and posting questions during the art gallery portion

(1) Pack of 4×6 post-its – used for panels during your solution sketch

(1) Pack of colored dry erase markers – used for mapping, storyboarding, and more

(3) Black dry erase markers – you can never have enough of these since black will probably be your primary color

(1) Dry eraser – you may be erasing as much as you’re drawing/writing

(8) Pens – used for notes, ideas, and more

(4) Sharpies – used for HMW notes to keep people from writing massive paragraphs

(1) Scissors – these may be needed during your solution sketch if you want to cut out things like dialogs

(1) Sheet of green ¾” green stickers – these will be used for voting

(1) Pack of ⅛” red stickers – these are for heatmapping

(1) Paper – paper will be used for notes, ideas, crazy 8’s, and other fun stuff

Toss them all in a box, and you get something that is easy to grab and go with. After building out two sprint boxes we left the remaining supplies in my desk drawer and would refill the kits as needed.

There are plenty of ways to build out a quick sprint box, but utilizing the list above will get you everything you need to run a design sprint, and the same set of items will also let you run most design workshops.

I hope you all enjoy building out your different kits and happy sprinting!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but regardless of how you get the items these are definitely the go-to and what I’ve used in the past.

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Steven Meyer is a design leader at Keap where he oversees a team of product designers working to help small businesses succeed. Steven has history of leading large-scale efforts such as overseeing the creation of one of the largest design systems in the automotive industry. Steven’s experience has spanned through leading Marines, creating his own startup, working for a venture-backed startup, designing and developing at a Fortune 500 company, and more. Steven has worked for large brands such as O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pearson Education, and CDK Global. Steven holds an M.S. in Technology from ASU and a graduate certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford University.